Good reasons to join

Why are we "GenussReich"?
Together we strengthen the region and highligt the variety of products, crafts, commerce and gastronomy.

What are we doing?
• Advertisment for our members on homepage, social media and brochures.

• Each member gets a marketing package for a professional appearance.

• Ads throughout the year in diverse local media.

• Events where members' products are advertised and all members are invited to join in participation (for example GenussFest Kammern, Familiy adventure day Leoben, Village fair St. Michael, christmas markets, ...)

• Selling the products in the "GenussReich"-shops.

Weitere Stärkung der Region durch:
- Tourist packages (Increasing overnight stays in "GenussReich"-accomodation providers, company tours, dégustations, ....)
- Culinary bike- and hiking tours
- Culinary theme weeks at the "GenussReich"-restaurants throughout the year
- event calendar

You wanna join?